What Nudism is NOT:

Nudism, social or otherwise, has nothing to do with sex, pictures, or staring at each other. This is an all too common stereotype by a perverted society that cause us nudists a lot of trouble and misunderstandings. This page does not have, nor will it ever have nude or erotic pictures, neither will there be links to them, nor to any adult-oriented sites. If that's what you're here for then I'm glad you're disappointed: you're part of the problem we face.

Nude gatherings are not orgies, nor do they involve sex in any way. Nudists come from all walks of life and from all parts of society. There is really no difference between clothed gatherings and nude gatherings, except that the nudists are probably more relaxed, honest, and friendly: they have nothing to hide! We even had a Tupperware party at a nude beach!

Just as you would find people with various interests, sexual or otherwise, in any clothed gathering, you will find those in nude gatherings with the same interests. As an example, here are just a few of the people we've met over the years:

  • policemen
  • lawyers
  • sluts
  • engineers
  • swingers
  • drunks
  • Christians
  • Jews
  • atheists
  • restaurant owner
  • electricians
  • body shop owner
  • teachers
  • accountants
  • prudes

Get the picture? Nudists come from a complete cross-section of society; without the clothes we're all equal.

What Nudism IS:

  • Above all, nudity is completely natural: we were born that way!
  • It's comfortable, it's VERY comfortable!
  • It's quite relaxing.
  • It's perfectly harmless.
  • It's healthy.
  • It's totally honest.
  • It's much cheaper.
  • It's practical.
  • It teaches mutual respect for others.

Because nudity is so very natural, it is commonly known as "naturism" (nature-ism).

Helpful Information:

There are quite a few groups, societies, and organizations around the world. We have no intention of ever collecting information on all of them, but on a separate page we've started to post links to just a few of the serious and helpful web sites.

Here is a detailed list of the nude sites we've been to throughout the years, mostly in the Northeast United States.

We host a couple of safe, mature, and respectful email discussion groups on the free Yahoo!Groups service.

The more general one is called WeGoNude:

Another one, that is more directed towards New Hampshire, is called NHnudists:

Do you like to hike nude?!

Because there is so much hypocrisy in the Christian body, I started another one that is targeted for uncompromising Christians called NakedChristians:

These have nothing to do with picture trading, or sex talk, just ordinary discussions about the nudist lifestyle. Whether you're longtime nudsits like us, newcomers, or just sincerely curious, all experience levels are welcome.

More About Us:

If you would like to find out more about us, we have some more information for you.

We love to correspond with other friendly folks, so feel free to email us.

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whose hearts are fully committed to him.
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