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We're a MWC, about 40 years old, with 2 daughters. We've been nudists for almost as long as we've been married: since 1980. We lived for most of those years near a number of legal nude beaches on Long Island, New York. We went as often as we could, which wasn't really enough.

Wherever we'd go on vacation we'd try to find places to go skinny-dipping. We'd prefer social areas: safety in numbers, I guess, and for the encouragement that what we're doing isn't wrong or weird.

Most of our vacations were up in Maine. Over the years we found quite a number of very popular, natural areas in the Bar Harbor and Acadia National Park area. We learned to be comfortable in "clothing-optional" areas: areas that had a mix of dressed and nude people. We went "canuding" (nude canoeing). On one particular lake we even saw nude people at some of the homes that lined the shore of the lake. Now that was encouraging to us! Skinny-dipping and nude sunbathing is not all that unusual!

After a while we started to go to nudist resorts and camps, and to get involved a little with local nudist clubs.

We are now in southern New Hampshire; been here since November 1995. It took a long time but we found a house that had enough privacy so that we could be "natural" around our own house, inside and out. We have 4.4 acres, including a beaver pond. Our house is not visible from the road, and the neighbors are far enough away and separated from us by trees. We freely go about our eveyday business not having to worry about whether anyone can see us during the day or whether the curtains are closed at night.

Unfortunately we don't have access to so many nude ocean beaches anymore, but we do venture to a local brook 10 miles away, to a well-known nudist camp about 1 ½ hours away, and also into Vermont to go to one of the most beautiful and famous nude sites. When we're in the area we also go to a clothing-optional spa and bed-and-breakfast in Maine, and a small lake popular with the locals.

Here is a detailed list of the nude sites we've been to throughout the years, mostly in the Northeast United States.

We love to correspond with other friendly folks, so feel free to email us.

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